Children can learn a lot about music by just moving to it. A child’s large gross motor muscles are the first children learn to coordinate (arms, legs, trunk and head) and walking has been shown to be the best way a child can move to first feel the beat.
Running, skipping, galloping, tiptoeing, walking like a stiff robot, walking sideways, backwards, making fingers walk up your other arm, all these and more create different rhythm patterns that can be super imposed upon the beat of recorded music or percussion beat. Nothing develops a child’s rhythmical sense like movement does!
Love to Sing has an extensive choice of action songs, circle songs, finger plays and more to help with the development for gross motor and small motor muscles. Use plenty of enthusiasm, praise and positive reinforcement to enhance children’s self-esteem.

 “Remember music was meant to be enjoyed and entered into by all”Connie Johnson BA, MED

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