When sharing music with young children you can easily help them understand the elements of music.

For example:

  • Feel the beat of the song “Are You Ready?” by using the following body percussion ideas – slapping knees, clapping hands, stamping feet, slapping chest
  • At the end of each verse clap the rhythm pattern of the words in the song “Riggedy Jig” – “Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho”
  • Lie down on the floor with eyes closed and listen to “Sleepy Songs medley” – repeat and this time sing along with sweet voices to match the pitch of the song.
  • Use your voice to create varying tempos – speeding up/slowing down/fading into the distance with this poem:

Here is a choo choo train puffing down the track

Now it’s going forward, now it’s going back

Now the bell is ringing, now the whistle blows

What a lot of noise it makes everywhere it goes!

  • Listen to “Puffer Train Medley” can you recognize the changes in dynamics within the song?
  • Listen to “Two Little Eyes” – how does the song make you feel? How do the voices sound – loud, soft, sweet? This is the tone color of the song

To help form a basis of how music works check out our ‘elements of music‘ page