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Fitness For Children

Let’s get our children involved in physical activity!

It is a sad reflection of our current life-style that 1 in 4 children are overweight and 1 in 7 children are obese. “Over eating is not the main cause of child obesity,” says an Auckland specialist, Dr Wayne Cutfield “There has been a change from physical activities for children to sedentary activities.” The sedentary lifestyle is due to television, PlayStation, computer games and the internet. Unfortunately, we are moving into a much more technologically sophisticated era that involves a lot more computer and sedentary activity,” he said.

Children need at least an hour of exercise a day where they get a bit of a sweat up!

Physical activity can:

  • Increase feeling of well-being
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Develop a strong, efficient heart
  • Provide more energy
  • Assist with weight control
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Provides enjoyment/fun
  • Increase alertness/concentration
  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Increase muscle tone
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase self confidence
  • Improve your posture
  • Help you relax
  • Develop strong bones
  • Improve your appearance

Hearty Fun Fitness Programme 

This pack comes with 2 CD’s, 2 PDF Teacher Resource books and a DVDHearty Fun Fitness Programme DVD

Improve your kids fitness with the lively upbeat Hearty Fun songs guaranteed to build healthy active kids. Hearty Fun has been created as a specific teachers fitness resource to make exercising to music technically correct, easy and fun! The tempo for each song complements the basic exercise combinations appropriate for Level 1 (2-6 years) and Level 2 (6-10). A recommended age group has been given as a guide, skills are dependent upon maturation. The songs are appropriate for all ages. It is an all weather resource that can be used in and outside. You the teacher can ‘tailor make’ your own exercise programme to suit your childrens needs. Repeat a song, change the order or play only some of the songs. Each exercise session can be different

“I have been teaching the Hearty Fun fitness kit to Year 1 & 2 teachers and they thought it was just great. It certainly got the heart pumping and muscles working! They found it really good as a break between lessons. Children as a result were more responsive and alert. The children responded very well and enthusiastically participated. They found that they were even enjoying it in their lunch hour on a wet day. The teachers are all going to purchase it.” Kathleen Hungerford

Hearty Fun Level 1 Album

This CD includes the following:

  • Hearty Fun
  • Touch the Stars
  • Marching to the Beat
  • Jump to the Sky
  • Let’s Rock and Roll
  • Hop, Hop, Hop
  • Knees up Funny Clown
  • Do Your Chores
  • Funky Warm Down

Hearty Fun Level 2 Album
This CD includes the following:

  • Hearty Fun
  • Country Jive
  • Attention March
  • Cool Sports
  • Sunshine Medley
  • My Mum loves to Rock and Roll
  • Cruisin’ Down the Freeway
  • Get Down and Boogie
  • Techno Warm Down

Hearty Fun DVD
PDF books include:

  • Sample of PDF book – Hearty Fun
  • Benefits for Children
  • Preparation Guide
  • Safety Guide
  • The objective
  • General moves
  • Song Lyrics
  • Specific actions (that are technically correct)
  • Nutrition (exploring new foods, food groups and activities) Written by Megan Grant – National Programme Manager for the Heart Foundation

    “An outstanding, fun, teachers friendly resource that assists the development of childrens skills, knowledge and attitudes in physical activity'”

    Cushla Shepherd – Health and Physical Education Curriculum Adviser

Hearty Jump

Positive feelings in your heart will raise your sense of self-worth!Hearty Jump Skipping Songs
Hearty Jump is beneficial to children’s physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well being. This resource will encourage children and students to contribute, participate and reflect on their thinking and actions in skipping.

It has been my pleasure creating Hearty Jump for you! Combining music with exercise is my absolute passion. As a former top junior table tennis player I recall the advice from a former champion Errol Cheal who lived to the grand old age of 98 – “Linda to improve your game just do 1,000 skips per day as part of your training.” I have found skipping to be a convenient and fast way to improve fitness and it’s also fun!

“May Hearty Jump inspire you all to a life-time of fitness and good health!”
Linda Adamson

The Programme

Each Hearty Jump unit can be used as a stand alone physical activity or as a warm-up prior to other physical activity and sport.
The 16 Hearty Jump units are given as a base – be creative and create your own teaching ideas depending on the children’s skill level.
The starting unit will depend on children’s prior skipping experience, as the unit’s progress from simple to more challenging ideas. Younger children may only be able to do the ‘warm-up activities’ suggested in each of the units, although with practice and repetition skipping skills will develop quickly.

Preparation Guide

  • Before teaching an activity familiarise yourself with the correct technique.
  • Do the suggested warm-up before the skipping activity.
  • Ensure the individual skipping rope is the correct length. Hold the skipping rope handles in each hand, stand on the middle of the rope, bring the handles up beside your body, the handles should fit under your arm pits.
  • For group activities I suggest a group size of 4-6 children. Ultimately the group size is up to you as numbers may depend upon space and overall numbers.
  • You may like to create different stations where you can have different groups working on different activities according to their individual skill levels.
  • The starting cue can be when children hear the music.
  • You can decide the length of time for each activity by gauging children’s fitness levels. Turn the music off to finish the activity. Children can stop if they are too tired!
  • End each jumping rope session with a warm-down.
  • There are a variety of skipping ropes you can use: beaded (good for beginners), leather, cloth, nylon and speed ropes (made from thin vinyl cord).
  • Plan with the children to wear suitable clothing and footwear.
  • Encourage children to drink water.

Resources Required

  • Individual skipping ropes.
  • Long skipping ropes.
  • Portable CD music player.
  • Chalk.
  • Cones (optional).

Safety Guide

  • Demonstrate the correct technique of each action to the children.
  • Ensure children display the correct technique.
  • Skip on a hard flat surface.
  • When skipping land softly on the balls of your feet. Keep knees soft (don’t lock knees).
  • Ensure there is adequate space between the children.
  • Inform children that they must stop exercising/skipping and to seek advice immediately if they feel any discomfort.
  • If injury occurs seek medical advice.


  • Encourages regular exercise.
  • Promotes a healthy life-style.
  • Improves cardio-vascular fitness, co-ordination, flexibility and balance.
  • Develops positive attitudes and values to personal well being.
  • Builds confidence and self esteem.
  • Improves social skills.

Up the Tempo

Full year music programme – it’s all done for you!

CD 1 IncludesUp the Tempo Music Programme

  • A  generic 90 page PDF teacher resource book which features term overviews; teaching templates which includes: goals; objectives; warm-up activities; teaching ideas; assessments; glossary; preparation; extension ideas; song lyrics; extra curricular ideas and activities; instruments and bonus ‘Teaching Stuff’
  • Also a New Zealand 90 page PDF teacher resource book “This resource for early childhood and junior teachers is a comprehensive programme which includes links to the other curriculum areas and Achievement Objectives for the Arts in the New Zealand Curriculum document and the Te Whaariki Goals. Extension ideas, assessment activities and explanations of musical terms and instruments are also included in this resource.
  • 20 catchy songs sung by top young talent:
    Are you Ready?
    My Hat
    Riggedy Jig
    Pohutukawa Tree
    Old MacDonald Had a Farm
    Two Little Eyes
    Jack in the Box
    Puffer Train
    Reach Up High
    Jelly Beans
    We’re Going to the Zoo
    Country Jive
    Once in Silly Land
    Rere Atu
    Touch the Stars
    Nursery Rhyme Medley
    Sleepy Songs
  • 12 instrumental only songs great for performances

CD 2 Includes

  • A 25 page PDF resource book which features song lyrics; templates and bonus ‘Stuff for Teachers’
  • 4 instrumental only songs great for performances
  • 20 ‘themed’ songs sung by top young talent:
    We Love to Sing
    The Wheels on the Tram
    Guess Who?
    Dingle Dangle Scarecrow
    How I Love to Fly
    Johnny Bear
    Transport Song
    Green, Green the Grass is Green
    Get Down and Boogie
    I’ve Been Working on the Railroad
    My Bear is Cuddly
    Firemen On Their Way
    Travelling to School
    Wiggly Worm
    Shaking Like a Jelly
    Mother Earth
    Little Peter Rabbit
    Hop, Hop, Hop
    Who is Lovable?
    Bye, Have a Happy Day

DVD Up the Tempo includes:

  • 20 songs as featured in Up the Tempo. All songs are filmed at different locations
    Are you Ready?
    My Hat
    Riggedy Jig
    Pohutukawa Tree
    Old MacDonald Had a Farm
    Two Little Eyes
    Jack in the Box
    Puffer Train
    Reach Up High
    Jelly Beans
    We’re Going to the Zoo
    Country Jive
    Once in Silly Land
    Rere Atu
    Touch the Stars
    Nursery Rhyme Medley
    Sleepy Songs

Meet Robyn And Linda

Robyn Trinick is a senior lecturer in music education at the Faculty of Education, The University of Auckland, New Zealand. Her main area of focus for teaching and research is in Primary Music with a particular interest in the junior school. Robyn is also involved in research relating to music in cross-curricular contexts which includes exploring possible connections between music and language, mathematics and dance.



Linda Adamson is the founder of Love to Sing Ltd and has created children’s educational music resources since 1990. Linda has a teaching back ground in early childhood, has been a music lecturer and continues to facilitate music sessions with teachers, parents and children. Her music products are loved by parents, teachers and children and has sold over a  million products world wide.

Here’s What Teacher’s Say:

“Children love the songs. One of the challenges for generalist teachers is knowing what to do with a song and how to move forward. In this programme, teachers can see a clear progression, with learning goals and outcomes, presented in a user-friendly format.
It offers teachers a range of choices – far more that just the song itself. There are the video songs, the unit plans, the extra learning opportunities and cross-curricular possibilities and opportunities for integration that could fit well with an inquiry approach.
Children love the songs, and this resource is very good value for money.”
Judy Inkster- Music Specialist, Cornwall Park School

“Up the Tempo is a thorough, easy to use music programme. It contains simple-to-teach, whole-class activities as well as ways to extend children. There is support for teachers who are not themselves musical, yet contains ideas and terminology to really add to children’s knowledge and understandings.
This will become a regular programme in many classrooms.”
Karen Seth- Primary School Teacher and Preschool Dance Instructor

“I was introduced to Love to Sing songs by some wonderful NZ teachers when I was working in London. Since then I have used them in my classrooms all over the world – they are loved by all children, but I find them particularly helpful for children learning English – they just can’t resist joining in with the actions, delightful tunes and fun lyrics (TPR).
My (and my students) special favourite is “hello” it’s a great settling-in song in those first few scary days when they start ‘big’ school. By the end of the week they are practically charging into the classroom in the morning to put the CD player on and start a fun-filled energetic day. Parents from all nationalites come up to me humming your songs – they are a fantastic springboard to instilling a love of music in all. I especially love to see children who are initially reticent about speaking aloud – singing at the top of their voices – magical!!!
Thank you, keep up the good work”
Best wishes,
Sharon Heywood 
I actually live in Sudan and am in my fourth year now and teach preschool in the Khartoum American School. I discovered your Love to Sing Series while I was teaching in Laos. Our New Zealand music teacher used the Jack in the Box and Hey Baby, Let’s Rock and Roll with our group. I was hooked. I Googled the songs and found your website. I use the videos as a very positive means of musical expression and a real life experience seeing other children involved in music. Children who might not be very expressive normally will begin to sing along and some will jump up in spontaneous dancing. I highly recommend the series as a means to provide children with an opportunity to generate inner feelings for music and free expression. I play the CDs in the outside play area to let the children generate their own spontaneous actions to the songs.
David Zakem

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