It always warms the cockles of my heart when I hear my song Pohutukawa Tree being performed. I’m amazed at just how popular this little song that I wrote on my sister’s farm way back in 1994 has become, particularly at school and early childhood Christmas concerts. I wanted to write an iconic Kiwi Christmas song and what better inspiration than a Pohutukawa Tree  –  a New Zealand native tree which blossoms with beautiful red flowers around Christmas time.

My aim has always been to create total participation with Love to Sing songs – that is for children to sing and to do accompanying actions.

It was wonderful to see Pohutukawa pop up on TV3’s Campbell Live, the article was about Owairoa School in Howick fundraising for the Philippine’s Typhoon and the school children admirably performed Pohutukawa Tree.

I was constantly asked if I could make Pohutukawa Tree longer which resulted in Pohutukawa Waiata – an extended version which includes Maori verses.

Both Pohutukawa versions are featured for free on our fast growing childrenlovetosing YouTube channel which has nearly hit 60 million views.

Pohutukawa Tree is featured on Love to Sing’s Favourite Christmas Songs which has sold over 100,000 albums. The song is also available as a download song with free lyrics and actions.

Sing-cerely yours,