Hey why not have fun with your kids and save money! Whether you are a parent, caregiver or teacher why not have some fun and create your own home found sounds and become a home grown orchestra or a ‘two man band’.

Here are some music instrument ideas

Turn pots up side down or leave lids on; use a cake or biscuit tin; clean out a paint tin – bang with a wooden, plastic or metal spoons to create different sounds. Make a double drum by tying two different sized tins together side by side..


Put some rubber bands around a stiff cardboard shoebox lid or tissue box. Cut a hole in the top of the box to fit a cardboard roll. Strum the rubber bands like a guitar.



Tapping Sticks:
Use two smooth sticks (dowel sticks are great) about 15 cm long (6 in)

dowel sticks

Use small plastic bottles or small tins with lids that can be screwed tight or taped down securely. You can fill with a small amount of: pebbles, shells, rice, lentils, dried peas etc. You can make sloshing sounding shakers if you partly fill with water and pebbles.


Rain Sticks:
Use a paper towel or toilet paper cylinder and partly fill with rice. Place paper towel or paper at the ends of the cylinder and secure with a rubber band; by varying the amounts of rice you will create different pitches.


Once the kids have made their instrument head over to our YouTube channel childrenlovetosing and pick a song to play along to! Don’t forget to send us your videos or photos by emailing us or tagging us on Facebook. You never know there might be a prize for your kids!

Have fun creating happy memories!