Oranges And Lemons

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Oranges And Lemons Lyrics

'Oranges and lemons,'
Say the bells of St Clements.

'You owe me five farthings,'
Say the bells of St Martins.

'When will you pay me?'
Say the bells of Old Bailey.

'When I grow rich,'
Say the bells at Shoreditch.

'When will that be?'
Say the bells of Stepney.

'I'm sure I don 't know,'
Says the great bell at Bow.

Here comes the candle to light you to bed,
Here comes the chopper to chop off your head,
Chip chop, chip chop, the last man's head!

Oranges And Lemons Learning Activities


  • Listen to the music - what sound can you hear in the song? Bells
  • Play the song again and use sleigh bells to play along.
  • Challenge - sing and play along to the instrumental version of the song.


  • Two children form an arch (two children face each other, raise their arms over their head and clasp their partner 's hands). The other children skip under the arch. On the last word of the song the children forming the arch drop their arms to catch a child. The caught child swaps with one of the arch children.


  • Find out where this nursery rhyme originated from?


  • Sing and read along to the YouTube song to achieve multi-sensory learning "Do it, see it and hear it!"

Print out the song PDF

  • Read the song lyrics - ask children a variety of questions.
  • Re-read the song lyrics and ask children to join in.
  • Recognise and use a variety of punctuation when reading. " " ! ? . ,
  • Look at print and conventions (bold, italics).
  • Talk about interesting/challenging words and discuss what they mean.
  • Word study - phonic knowledge, compound words, rhyming word, contractions etc.
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