10 Great Reasons Why Singing Makes Kids Happier

1.      Singing makes kids feel connected – it’s a tribal thing, we all love to feel part of a clan.

2.      Singing gives kids a feeling of self as we all have our own individual voice that we can project out into the world. Ta da…here I am!

3.      Singing makes kids feel great because singing releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in our brain.

4.      Singing helps to explore kids feelings through singing sad, happy, up-beat, sleepy, soothing, relaxing songs.

5.      Singing creates everlasting memories by singing at bedtime, family get-togethers, celebrations, in the car, at preschool and school, or just anytime.

6.      Singing energizes kids because we need to breathe deeply when we sing, it helps to oxygenate our brain and gives that ‘feel alive’ refreshed feeling.

7.      Singing feeds kids brains – it’s such an easy way to build language skills, learning a new song gives a real sense of accomplishment.

8.      Singing develops kids individuality, what do I Like? Country music, disco, pop, hip hop, nursery rhymes, lullabies, rock and roll, classical…

9.      Singing awakens a kids sense of humour, many songs have funny lyrics, we can also characterize and dramatize songs like Old MacDonald or We’re Going to Zoo.

10.  Singing made up own songs stimulates kids creativity and it’s fun.

Linda Adamson, Founder of Love to Sing Ltd