The Muffin Man

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Children will love to sing and dance along with this fun kid’s nursery rhyme song!

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The Muffin Man Lyrics

Oh, have you seen the muffin man,
the muffin man, the muffin man?
Oh, have you seen the muffin man,
who lives in Drury Lane o?

Oh yes, I’ve seen the muffin man,
the muffin man, the muffin man.
Oh yes, I’ve seen the muffin man,
who lives in Drury Lane o.

The Muffin Man Learning Activities


  • “Feel the Beat 4, 3, 2, 1” Children sit in a circle. Each child chants a name of a rhyme title e.g. The Muffin Man… and others chant and clap “4,3,2,1” The next child says a rhyme title… e.g. Mary Had a Little Lamb…and others chant and clap “4,3,2,1. Continue around the circle until everyone has had a turn.


  • Children join hands to form a circle. A chosen child is blindfolded and stands in the centre. Everyone sings the question verse. At the end of this verse, the blindfolded child touches someone in the ring. This child sings the response verse, at the end of which the blindfolded child guesses who it can be. If correct, the two children change places.


  • Bake some healthy muffins!


  • Sing and read along to the YouTube song to achieve multi-sensory learning “Do it, see it and hear it!”

Print out the song PDF

  • Read the song lyrics – ask children a variety of questions.
  • Re-read the song lyrics and ask children to join in.
  • Recognise and use a variety of punctuation when reading. “ ” ! ? . ,
  • Look at print and conventions (bold, italics).
  • Talk about interesting/challenging words and discuss what they mean.
  • Word study – phonic knowledge, compound words, rhyming word, contractions etc.
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