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Little Birdy

Children will love to sing and dance
along with this fun Animal song!

English and Samoan Version
“Si manu laititi “


Little birdy on a tree, on a tree,
on a tree.
Little birdy on a tree,
singing a song for you and me.

Si manu laititi sa i luga ole la aue.
sa i luga ole la aue, sa i luga ole la aue.
Si manu laititi sa i luga ole la aue
O lo 'o pese mai ia te a 'u.



  • Singing helps to build language and memory skills, it 's also FUN!
  • Children lie down, close their eyes and listen to "Little Birdy."
  • Ask children what instrument accompanies the song? Ask children "Is the music loud or soft? Fast or slow? Which section of the song is sung by a group and which section of the song is sung by a soloist? What about the words, can they understand the second verse?" This is a beautiful Samoan lullaby.


  • Create 'soft dance ' moves to accompany the song e.g. sway body, tip toe lightly etc. Use scarves. Make children aware of their own 'space bubble. '

Visual Art

  • Create your own 'little birdie ' stick puppet e.g. use ice block sticks, feathers and stick on eyes.


  • Sing and read along to the YouTube song to achieve multi-sensory learning "Do it, see it and hear it!"

Print out the song PDF

  • Read the song lyrics - ask children a variety of questions.
  • Re-read the song lyrics and ask children to join in.
  • Recognise and use a variety of punctuation when reading. " " ! ? . ,
  • Look at print and conventions (bold, italics).
  • Talk about interesting/challenging words and discuss what they mean.
  • Word study - phonic knowledge, compound words, rhyming word, contractions etc.

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