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Elephant Medley Lyrics

An elephant goes like this and that.
He's terribly big and he's terribly fat.
He has no fingers and has no toes but
goodness gracious, what a long nose!

Hey-dee, hey-dee-ho, the great big
elephant is so slow.
Hey-dee, hey-dee-ho, the elephant
is so slow.
He swings his trunk from side to side
as he takes the children for a ride.
Hey-dee, hey-dee-ho, the elephant is so slow.

Way down South where bananas grow.
A grasshopper stepped on an elephant's toe.
The elephant said with tears in his eyes,
"Pick on somebody your own size!"

Willoughby Wallaby Wee, an elephant
sat on me.
Willoughby Wallaby Woo, an elephant
sat on you!

Elephant Medley Learning Activities


  • Listen to the song. Can children identify different sections of the song? E.g. The differences in tempo (speed of the beat). Which section has a fast tempo and which section has a slow tempo?
  • Choose a sound source: body percussion e.g. slap knees; untuned percussion instrument e.g. rhythm sticks or a found sound e.g. tap hand or ruler on the floor. Play in time to the beat (the steady pulse) of the song.


  • Listen to "Elephant Medley" and ask children to suggest ideas for actions to go with each verse.
  • Children then view the video song on YouTube and compare the actions with their own ideas.


  • Find out elephant facts.


  • Sing and read along to the YouTube song to achieve multi-sensory learning "Do it, see it and hear it!"

Print out the song PDF

  • Read the song lyrics - ask children a variety of questions.
  • Re-read the song lyrics and ask children to join in.
  • Recognise and use a variety of punctuation when reading. " " ! ? . ,
  • Look at print and conventions (bold, italics).
  • Talk about interesting/challenging words and discuss what they mean.
  • Word study - phonic knowledge, compound words, rhyming word, contractions etc.
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YouTube play button for Kids Songs, Nursery Rhymes and Lyric Song Video

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