Welcome to Love to Sing’s new website.

WOW! This really is a dream come true for me. It’s amazing how technology has evolved and has made it possible and simple for us to share our Love to Sing songs and resources with you the educators (parents, teachers and caregivers) directly.

To think it all started back in 1991 with a book and tape cassette which was published by Scholastic – Love to Sing Songbook became a multi-platinum seller. Since then I created many more products and formed my own publishing company Love to Sing Ltd in 1994. We traveled to many book fairs all over the world to find distributors all to try and connect with you! Then along came YouTube and you found Love to Sing – so far we have had nearly 60 million views!

As a mother, former teacher and music lecturer it’s such a privilege to be able to offer you a complete easy, learning package for each song. Check it out yourself. Click into any song under Download on the top header of the home page, you can see the lyrics (there’s even a PDF song lyric option); click the teachers tab (yes that includes you the parents as well as you are a child’s most important teacher!) and you will see music activities and suggested learning activities in literacy, numeracy, drama, visual art, dance, health, science and general topics. There is a free video song to watch. We are working furiously to create a video song for each song…getting there!

This is where we would appreciate your help – we would love to share the activities or any ideas you have created or done with kids regarding the theme around a song – e.g. art, dance, drama, science etc. activities; either on the ones we have suggested or your own suggestions. Send us a photo and we’ll include it on our website. This will really help to make it easy for everyone to learn.

Our Love to Sing song range covers many genres and therefore are loved by a variety of ages! Under Downloads we have suggested age groups – “Baby Songs”, “Songs for Preschoolers”, “Junior School Songs”, “Middle School Songs”. To share songs with children you do not need musical experience or a great voice – your enthusiasm is the key! What has always helped for me as a teacher, performer at Love to Sing shows or running work-shops is to focus on the children (not me). It’s all about the children’s participation and sheer joy of singing and moving along!

Our Love to Sing song collection includes traditional and classic kids songs, nursery rhymes, Christmas songs and Christmas carols as well as many original songs that I wrote. My daughter’s Jamie and Tessa were always my testing board in regard to the songs ‘making the cut.’ Check out Downloads for all the genres.

The benefits of singing just one song a day with children is ENORMOUS – cognitively, emotionally, physically and socially. A song never leaves our long term memory. Let’s create happy vibrations around the world together!

Sing-cerely yours,

Linda Adamson