1. Music creates a positive learning environment. It is a great way to develop rapport! Music can both calm and stimulate, it offers one of the quickest ways to influence the mood of a group. When people sing together they feel an increased sense of community, belonging and shared endeavor.
  2. Brain breaks energize learning activities and help to increase attention and concentration. By integrating music you are facilitating multi-sensory learning.
  3. Music is a fantastic way to promote individuality and gives children the opportunity for self-expression, creativity and imagination. Music is inclusive – everyone can be involved at their own level.Earth is my friend
  4. Through singing, both our left and right side of our brain is activated. Music helps you relax, activates your right-brain to receive new information plus helps move information into your long term memory storage bank. That’s why a song never leaves your long term memory.
  5. Children enjoy singing, they aren’t self-conscious about their ability and are eager to let their voices ROAR!
  6. Group work encourages team work and cohesiveness.
  7. Music provides a way of understanding different cultures.