The power of song is truly amazing. The benefits of singing to infants are countless and Alice Sterling Honig PhD is the world renowned expert who championed this movement. Her article “The Power of Song” has some great tips and tricks for rocking your baby to sleep or just to soothe when they are a little restless.

Songs Soothe Babies

“Throughout the ages, caregivers have sung restless babies and toddlers to sleep. The simple soothing sounds of ah-uh, ah-uh, ah-uh, ah-uh, hummed in two tones over and over help a fretful infant to sink into that drowsiness that leads to dreamland.”

Tip: Rock your baby gently side to side along to our Lullaby Medley song which includes Twinkle Twinkle, Sleep Baby Sleep, Golden Slumbers and Rock a Bye Baby.

Songs Help Babies Adjust

“Songs are particularly useful at transition times, because they can help explain change to babies.”

Choose a few notes for a transition chant, such as the notes from the song My Bear is Cuddly and repeat during times of change.

Songs Helps Build Motor Skills

“Songs provide a refreshing opportunity for infants and toddlers to move their limbs while singing or listening to you sing. Repetition builds mental muscles as toddlers practice listening and storing in their memory banks the rhyming couplets or verses.”

: Incy Wincy Spider, Open Shut Them or Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar all have great finger play/hand actions which kids will love! Get them to follow the actions for a super fun activity.

Songs Boost Self-Esteem

“Children take extreme pride in their growing ability to learn new songs.”

Tofa Tafa or Mother Earth are perfect feel good songs.

So sing a song a day!