Learning outcome:

Children will learn about animals that live on a farm.

Teaching the Song:

Before teaching the song, the teacher needs to learn the song.
Play the vocal version of Old Mac Donald to the children.  Teacher shows the actions of the song.
Repeat the song again and this time the children will sing and join in with the actions.
Extended teaching ideas into other curriculum areas.

1. Music:

Musical concepts can be taught through singing

You can use songs to teach about pitch – high and low notes.

Some animals make high sounds, (teacher needs to point up high)

Ask the children –

Let’s sing a verse of Old Mac Donald as high as we can.
What animals in the Old Mac Donald song make high sounds? Horse, chicken
Some animal make low sounds, (teacher needs to point down low)
Ask the children –

Let’s sing a verse of Old Mac Donald as low as we can.
What animals in old Mac Donald make low sounds?
Animal Sound Singing

Use a well known song such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, If you’re Happy and you know it Clap your Hands, and sing it all the way through. Then choose an animal sound such as ‘moo, moo, moo’ and sing it all the way through.

Excellent memory training for tunes!

Choose different animal sounds.

 2. Art:

Magnetic Farm Animals: Teacher creates cardboard farm animals from the template provided. Glue on magnetic strip on the back of the cut out farm animals. As the song is played, place the appropriate farm animal on a white board.

Children’s Old Mac Donald Farm Picture:  Provide children with paper and crayons. Ask children to draw their own version of Old Mac Donald’s Farm and the animals that live there. Children may like to complete their picture by painting over their picture with dye.

Communal Farm Mural:  Each child draws and cuts out their favourite farm animal.  They then paste their animal on a large piece of paper which becomes the class Old MacDonald’s farm.

3. Drama:

Hunt the animal sound:  Each child chooses their favourite farm animal.  All children walk around the room making the noise of their favourite animal.  When they find another child who is making the same noise they hold hands with them and continue to walk around and find some more children making the animal noise.

4. Language Extension:

Ask the Children:

What do cows give us? Milk and Meat
What do chickens lay? Eggs
What is a baby sheep called? A Lamb
What is a baby horse called? A foal
What is a pig’s nose called? A snout
What other animals can live on a farm? Dog, rooster, cat, bull, goat

5.  Maths:

Ask the children:

How many farm animals are featured in the Old Mac Donald song?5
What is the biggest animal featured in the Old MacDonald song? A horse
What is the smallest animal featured in the Old MacDonald song? A chicken
There are 5 animals featured in the Old Mac Donald song: Cow, chicken, pig, sheep and a horse
Can you put the animals in order from the biggest to the smallest? Horse, cow, pig, sheep, chicken.

 6.  Visual Comprehension:

Play the video song of Old MacDonald.

Ask the children –

How many different kinds of animals did you see?
What was the little boy feeding the lamb?A bottle of milk
Which animal has a very long tongue? A cow
What animal were the children riding on? A horse
Would you like to visit Old Mac Donald’s farm?
Which is your favourite farm animal?

7.  Sing-a-long Read-a-long:

Show the video song of Old MacDonald.

Ask the children to look at the words as they appear on the screen.

This will help children to understand the link between the written word and the lyrics of the song.

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