Flying High With Love to Sing







Did you know that Love to Sing and Air New Zealand have had a very long standing relationship! For over a decade our Love to Sing songs, albums and video songs have featured on Air New Zealand’s Kids In-flight Entertainment.

This is the current pick of Love to Sing’s albums on board:

Air NZ Flying High

Love To Sing – Alphabet

Love To Sing – At The Zoo

Love To Sing – Colour Songs

Love To Sing – Favourites

Love To Sing – Number Songs

Love To Sing – Nursery Rhymes

Love To Sing – Songbook

“I’m looking forward to watching Love to Sing on my next Air New Zealand flight.”
Jane Oswell

Look out for us next time you and your children are flying with Air New Zealand!

7 Benefits of Music in the Classroom

  1. Music creates a positive learning environment. It is a great way to develop rapport! Music can both calm and stimulate, it offers one of the quickest ways to influence the mood of a group. When people sing together they feel an increased sense of community, belonging and shared endeavor.
  2. Brain breaks energize learning activities and help to increase attention and concentration. By integrating music you are facilitating multi-sensory learning.
  3. Music is a fantastic way to promote individuality and gives children the opportunity for self-expression, creativity and imagination. Music is inclusive – everyone can be involved at their own level.Earth is my friend
  4. Through singing, both our left and right side of our brain is activated. Music helps you relax, activates your right-brain to receive new information plus helps move information into your long term memory storage bank. That’s why a song never leaves your long term memory.
  5. Children enjoy singing, they aren’t self-conscious about their ability and are eager to let their voices ROAR!
  6. Group work encourages team work and cohesiveness.
  7. Music provides a way of understanding different cultures.

14 Ways Singing Helps Build Creativity






Why Sing With Children? Here’s why:


  1. Helps to develop relationships – e.g. songs can be soothing, humorous, and interactive.
  2. Builds language skills.
  3. Builds reading skills.
  4. Builds self-esteem.
  5. Singing with actions helps to develop motor skills.
  6. Helps children to move creatively and lose some of their inhibitions.
  7. Songs which relate to a theme can be integrated into other curriculum areas e.g. literacy, numeracy, social studies, drama, etc.
  8. Builds skills require discipline and concentration.
  9. Repetition of songs helps to build memory skills.
  10. Helps to build social skills.
  11. Is emotionally fulfilling.
  12. Releases happy endorphins.
  13. Can help to teach musical concepts – dynamics; beat; rhythm; tempo; pitch; tone colour.
  14. Is the easiest instrument for a child to master! Our voice is convenient, portable, inexpensive and can create loads of variation!

Singing is FUN no matter what your age!

Try Out These Creative Singing Activities:

“Singing is the la, la, la that lives in my mouth.” unknown

A Child Who Sings is a HAPPY Child

10 Great Reasons Why Singing Makes Kids Happier

1.      Singing makes kids feel connected – it’s a tribal thing, we all love to feel part of a clan.

2.      Singing gives kids a feeling of self as we all have our own individual voice that we can project out into the world. Ta da…here I am!

3.      Singing makes kids feel great because singing releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in our brain.

4.      Singing helps to explore kids feelings through singing sad, happy, up-beat, sleepy, soothing, relaxing songs.

5.      Singing creates everlasting memories by singing at bedtime, family get-togethers, celebrations, in the car, at preschool and school, or just anytime.

6.      Singing energizes kids because we need to breathe deeply when we sing, it helps to oxygenate our brain and gives that ‘feel alive’ refreshed feeling.

7.      Singing feeds kids brains – it’s such an easy way to build language skills, learning a new song gives a real sense of accomplishment.

8.      Singing develops kids individuality, what do I Like? Country music, disco, pop, hip hop, nursery rhymes, lullabies, rock and roll, classical…

9.      Singing awakens a kids sense of humour, many songs have funny lyrics, we can also characterize and dramatize songs like Old MacDonald or We’re Going to Zoo.

10.  Singing made up own songs stimulates kids creativity and it’s fun.

Linda Adamson, Founder of Love to Sing Ltd

The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra

This video truly reflects how innovative people are.
Watch the first 54 seconds and you’ll be hooked!

Check out this blog for learning how to make your own fun musical instruments for little and big kids!

Music Gives a Soul to the Universe

When Kids Sing they Connect to their Soul

Look into a child’s eyes when they are singing and you can see that they are connected to a special place within themselves.  ” Words are the language of the mind. Music is the language of the soul”.

Singing is a powerful tool that gives us a sense of self and connects us with our heritage and culture.

When a child sings with their ‘own voice’ they are expressing ‘them-selves’.

As a parent or a teacher, fill children’s lives with songs and singing!

Linda Adamson Love to Sing Ltd Founder