Children are born music lovers. They enjoy singing and being sung to. Singing is a great way for children to learn words and sentence structure. When we sing both our left and right side of the brain is connected – a song never leaves our long term memory!

We have a huge selection of songs that are loved by parents, teachers and of course children! In fact our YouTube channel childrenlovetosing is New Zealand’s overall number 1 channel and in the world we are ranked number 30 under the Education genre according to Social Blade who rank and measure YouTube channels.

Our popular songs are sung by children for children and the songs are written or compiled by educators. All our songs come with free lyrics and free curriculum activity ideas.


When children sing, children learn!

Check out loads of free video songs on Love to Sing’s Kids Tube Our songs are loved by teachers, parents, care givers and most importantly by children all over the world!