Why Sing With Children? Here’s why:


  1. Helps to develop relationships – e.g. songs can be soothing, humorous, and interactive.
  2. Builds language skills.
  3. Builds reading skills.
  4. Builds self-esteem.
  5. Singing with actions helps to develop motor skills.
  6. Helps children to move creatively and lose some of their inhibitions.
  7. Songs which relate to a theme can be integrated into other curriculum areas e.g. literacy, numeracy, social studies, drama, etc.
  8. Builds skills require discipline and concentration.
  9. Repetition of songs helps to build memory skills.
  10. Helps to build social skills.
  11. Is emotionally fulfilling.
  12. Releases happy endorphins.
  13. Can help to teach musical concepts – dynamics; beat; rhythm; tempo; pitch; tone colour.
  14. Is the easiest instrument for a child to master! Our voice is convenient, portable, inexpensive and can create loads of variation!

Singing is FUN no matter what your age!

Try Out These Creative Singing Activities:

“Singing is the la, la, la that lives in my mouth.” unknown